Family Camp

What you need to know!

Here is what you need to know for family camp!
1. Family camp is usually not a huge group, but also not a small group either – about 35-50 people including the kids/adults/staff/helpers. This is a great number, and we’re really excited for our guests to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships! Some of the families will be down all week, some for part of the week, and some will be down for a day here or a day there. This means there will be lots of opportunities to make different connections each day, and we’re excited about these relaitional opportunities!

2. It seems we used up all the sunny hot weather this week cause it doesn’t look like there is much left for our family camp week. While the forecast tells us it is possible we may have rain literally every day of family camp, we also live in Alberta where the weather can change or break quite dramatically. I’m confident we’ll have a good day or two in the mix. While rain days can make certain outdoor activities less attractive, they are GREAT for tea and conversations by a fire, busting out a puzzle or board game, catching up with that book you have yet to finish, or making something unique in the craft shack. PLEASE feel free to bring your favorite puzzle or board game or book as I am sure opportunities to use them will abound this week.

3. Camp Wapiti is a place where campers are always encouraged to take ownership of their experience. As such, we do not have every minute of your days at family camp scheduled. There will be events, games, activities on offer at certian times, and these will be announced at meals, but often you will find yourself with a few hours where nothing specific is going on. This is YOU time, so take and use it as you need, whether that is a nap, a conversation, a game, a walk, a puzzle, a book, a project! As much as you are able, do what you want to at camp, and if possible/appropriate, invite someone along!

4. Camp Wapiti is also a place where everyone pitches in. You will be asked at times to help with cleaning up the dining hall, doing dishes, tidying washrooms and more. Usually at family camp we say how many people are needed for a task and take volunteers for those tasks. Your contribution will be appreciated by everyone at camp, especially the staff and volunteers 🙂

5. While Family Camp often doubles as a bit of a rest week for the staff/jr volunteers who have been speding days on end wrangling dozens of kids around camp, they are still present and available to you and your kids! They’ll be around and more often than not there will be a crew ready to with youth/kid campers so that parents can be more free to enjoy themselves in the company of other adults or with a book in a hammock somewhere.

6. Camp Wapiti is God’s camp, so you can expect there to be prayer, devotional times, testimony times of what God has done in the lives of others. There will be opportunities for campers to share the joys and struggles of life and faith and opportunities to praise God through it all. We encourage you to step into the praise and prayer, into the Bible lessons or devotions, and into the sharing of your story and the hearing of others. Be ready to be heard, prayed for, and encouraged by staff or by others families at camp! Come ready to sing too, and bring your song reqeusts!

On to some more practical details:
1. The grounds in certain areas are still a bit cluttered from the outhouse/slipnslide projects that have been undertaken this year. We hope to have it tidied by Sunday but the reality is it likely won’t be. We just ask your patience as our desire would be to have it really perfect for you!

2. There are heated showers at camp. You are certainly welcome to use them, and while you don’t have to rush, be mindful that if the water or propane for the shower runs out it might mean someone has to go cold until we can get them refilled.

3. There is a slipnslide that is really quite fun and if we do get a cooker of a day it will be a welcome repreive! Consider bringing some swimwear! We may also rig up an outdoor hot tub pool for a rainy day if we get really ambitious! (No promises!)

4. One cabin will be designated for male staff, and one for female. The rest of the cabins are available to families on a first come first serve basis.

5. Food should not be kept in cabins unless there is good reason. Bears and other creatures have been known to be drawn to such food stashes and we have plenty of space for camper food/snacks in the dining hall. You may certainly eat food in cabins but don’t store it there unless you need to.

6. Again, please bring games/books/puzzles or whatever you like to do on a rainy day.

START – Sunday July 31st, 4pm gates open, supper at 6pm.
END – Friday August 5th, 9:30am brunch, campers should be driving away from camp by 12 noon.

Regular meals and water/juice are provided. Families are encouraged to bring their own snacks or preferred beverages (no alcohol).


$100 for age 12 and up
$75 for age 5-11
Kids under 5 are free

$30 for age 12 and up
$20 for age 5-11
Kids 5 and uder are free

$15 for age 12 and up
$10 for age 5-11
Kids 5 and under are free

If you have any more questions, please text 780-518-6068.

Camp Wapiti’s Purpose Statement!

The purpose of Camp Wapiti is to lead people to salvation and maturity in Christ, by loving them and helping them encounter God both in the Bible and nature. It accomplishes this purpose as an inter-generational community in partnership with the participating churches (McLaurin Baptist Church and Webster Community Church) and under the direction of godly leadership and staff.