What to Expect at Camp

Photo Randy Vanderveen
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Camp Wapiti primary overnight July 30-Aug. 4/17

A Day at Camp Wapiti (overnight camps – Sr High, Jr High and Elementary)

We begin with the raising of the flag, along with songs and games to determine who lines up for breakfast first. Between food, fun and learning the morning moves quickly and before you know it the lunch bell is ringing and cabins are plotting the good-natured pranks they will pull on each other with the lunch-time songs.
Once lunch is finished and cleaned up each cabin is off on an adventure of their own for the afternoon. One day a cabin may be hiking through the bush collecting berries and tea leaves, the next they may be enjoying a nature spa with the nature leader or challenging another cabin to slingshot-paintball war. The possibilities are endless (check out a list of activities here) and will keep each cabin busy until supper time.
The rest of the evening brings the cabins back together as they play wide area games, enjoy hot cocoa and cookies, and finally gather around the camp fire for songs and stories at the close of the day.

Overnight Hiking Camps – Two are teen camps (dates and ages can be found  here) and there are two weeks to choose from.  Campers will travel by van to Tumbler Ridge and set up camp.   Each day will be filled with a hike in the area.  Space for these camps is limited so don’t wait too long to sign up. NEW in 2020 is a Adult Hiking Camp- watch for details.

Family Camp

This week is for the whole family.  Give mom a break!  All meals and snacks provided by our wonderful kitchen staff.  Bring your own RV or request a cabin.  There will be a variety of things happening during the week.  All our summer staff will be there and planning events just for kids and others for adults, and of course family events.  This is a week you don’t want to miss.

Day Camp

This week is especially designed for our youngest campers, grades 1-3. They will enjoy the whole camp experience of cabins and counselors from morning to late afternoon, yet sleep at home in their own bed. Campers are dropped off at McLaurin Baptist Church (10913-107 Ave. Grande Prairie )  each morning at 8am and ride a school bus out to camp. At 4pm they are back at the church for pickup. All the parent does is pack them a lunch and drop them off for the day!

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