Grocery Campaign

Thank You for supporting the work of Camp Wapiti.  Your gifts help us to reach hundreds of kids every summer, giving them the unique experience of being at camp, and the opportunity to connect with God in nature.

Groceries to Give Campaign:

Grocery cart cropped

Simply purchasing your groceries, gas, and even your Tim Horton’s every month can support the work of Camp Wapiti!  It’s simple.  Instead of paying for your groceries with your debit or credit card, use a gift card to your local grocery store, purchased through our partnership with Charity Services (a non-profit group that helps charities meet their fundraising goals). Find a list of retailers here

Sign up with their Pre-Authorized Monthly Payment for a minimum of $250 (per month) of Grocery gift cards, and every month you’ll be mailed your cards.  Up to 5% of the value of the cards you purchase each month will be donated to Camp Wapiti by your local grocery store.  It won’t  cost you anything extra!

You can sign up for this program through Charity Services website.

If you have any questions please free to contact us via email at –>

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