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Great Feedback!!!

This comment was submitted to us by one of our Campers from last year’s Jr High Camps.  She’s obviously very excited about the summer and can’t wait to be back again!

“hahahaha this camp is the best one i’ve ever been to!  i’m 12 and when i went to this camp i found friends, interesting fact about wildlife, God, and hahahhaa how to TRY to start a fire, and great leaders!  in the craft shack i created lots of interesting items, such as my leaf collection, i also got to collect cool bugs and i got the special treatment of getting wrapped in plastic wrap!  on about the 3rd day my friend and i were going on a long trail.  it was a game kinda thing, but what we found was amazing!  we found a large skull!  we weren’t exactly sure of what kind it was but it was kool!  when we showed the leaders they were like WOW! and put it on desplay in the mess hall! its there to this very day!  and every group gets to try to make a “believable” story on what it was and how it died!, and that was only a fraction of an inch of what all happened there!  but i cant ruin the surprise!  hope i see ya there!”

We’re now 2 weeks away from the Summer 2010 Camping season.  Come Join Us!!!

Some Great Info!!!

As we get ready for Summer 2010 and “Camp Wapiti Rocks”, we start to hear more and more questions from parents about that dreaded plague that inevitably visits every camp every season – “Homesickness”.

Camp can be a scary place for some children, especially if it’s their first time away from Mom and Dad.  Our friends over at Charis Hills Camp have a great Blog Entry that we’ll point you too, showing some great tips on how parents can help their children overcome Homesickness.

5 Ways Parents can Help Prevent Homesickness – Charis Hills