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Coming Out to Camp?

As we get ready for the summer, we’re also getting ready for some of the projects that we will have going on out at the camp.  One of those projects includes finishing the outside of our chimney with “river stones”.

As you make your way out to Camp Wapiti for a visit, or for your camp, feel free to help us by picking up a rounded stone from the old gravel pits.  We’re looking for everything from a tennis-ball sized stone to a larger (6-7 inches maximum) melon sized stone.  We’ll need lots, and if everyone brings one stone, we’ll have more than enough in no time.

This will be an exciting project that will happen while some of the campers are with us.  We’re excited to share this experience with you as we explore together and meet with God in nature!

Big Things…

So, if you’ve been seeing some strange things around here lately, we’re sorry.  We were the unfortunate victims of some hackers, and we’re working to make sure we can get things back to “normal” for you.  Here’s a quick update from our illustrious Clint and Connie.  You can expect more as the Summer Camping Season approaches.  Take it away Clint and Connie!!!